Do you have contact with groups of mental health service users who are at risk of being socially excluded?

Are you interested in improving the quality of life for such groups of people?

Do you want to help these groups become more empowered and active members of their communities?

Then the EMILIA Training could be the answer!

The EMILIA Training have an overall aim at improving the social inclusion of disadvantage groups such as mental health service users. Through lifelong learning the training aims to improve the way in which service users could experience greater participation and inclusion either in the delivery of services or in education and training delivery in meaningful ways which was intended to include greater social inclusion, and paid employment, however locally defined.


What do previous students and trainers say?

"It has been a most positive experience participating in these courses. It has given me the confidence to help my local day centre estbalish a user council and I have been elected as the leader of it!" [30 year female Norwegian mental health service user.]


Look no further!

By going to the home page you will find more information about what the training can offer, who the potenial students could be and who we recommend the trainers should be.

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